Articles in books & magazines. A selection.

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Women around the Mediterranean in Ancient Times, Helsingborg 1975. Swedish only.

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Cyprus Today 2007

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’Cults, crafts and culture: The re-opened Cypriot gallery in Stockholm’s Medelhavsmuseet’ in MINERVA. The International Review of Ancient
Art & Archaeology, Volume 21 no.1, JAN/FEB 2010

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’Two Collections of Cypriote Antiquities in the Medelhavsmuseet’ in Report of the Department of Antiquities in Cyprus (RDAC 2008).

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ANCIENT CYPRUS. A story told by finds from six millennia’ and ’The Cyprus Collections in Medelhavsmuseet’ in Tesoros arqueológicos de Chipre, Museo Arqueológico de Alicante 2006. Article, Spanish and English.  2006.

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Translation of Alfiros Letters from Swedish to English in The Swedes in Cyprus,  Rita C. Severis, Texts and studies in the history of Cyprus, Cyprus Research Centre, 2008.

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’Mycenaean imports and figurines made in Mycenaean tradition from the Greek-Swedish excavations at Khaniá’, in Encounters with Mycenaean figures and figurines, ACTA INSTITUTI ATHENIENSIS REGNI SUECIAE, SERIES IN 8. XX, Stockholm 2009, ed. Schallin, A.-L.


Winbladh M.-L., ’The Terracotta Figurines and the Stone Vases’, GSE I-III, Greek-Swedish Excavations at the Ag. Aikaterini Square, Kastelli, Khania 1970-1987 (ActaAth-4o, 47:3), eds. E. Hallager & B.P. Hallager, Stockholm 1997-2003. (Volumes IV-VII forthcoming)

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Early-Middle Bronze Age, Bronzes’, ’The open-air Sanctuary at Ayia Iríni’ ’Terracotta Figurines’, ’Stone Sculpture’, ’Bronzes’ in The Cyprus Collections in the Medelhavsmuseet,  (Karageorghis, Vassos, ed.) A.G. Leventis Foundation and Medelhavsmuseet, Nicosia and Stockholm 2003.

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An archaeological adventure in Cyprus (in Greek, Turkish and Swedish) ed. by the Swedish Institute in 2000.

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The Scythes and the Greeks in ancient literature and art, Stockholm 1979. Swedish only.

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Articles about Cyprus in the Medelhavsmuseet. En Introduktion, (An Introduction) Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm 1982 (Catalogue, Swedish only).


In the footprints of the Swedish Cyprus Expedition’ in Populär Historia, Nr 4, 2002. Swedish only.

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Four wonderful years in Cyprus. The Swedish Cyprus Expedition 1927-1931,
Hermes, Cyprus International, autumn 1997.


The Georg von Békésy Collection, Stockholm 1974.