Marie-Louise Winbladh,
English CV

Cypriote storerooms at the Medelhavsmuseet


The Garden of Aphrodite, an installation with a model of a Cypriote  open-air santuary


Marie-Louise Winbladh, Curator at the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities                  (MEDELHAVSMUSEET)                                1971-2007

Curator of the Cyprus Collections.   1971-2001

During 20 years also curator of the Greek & Roman Collections                                                                 

B.A. (Classical Archaeology, Art, Ethnology)      1971                                                     

Completed studies in History of Literature, Egyptology and  Modern Greek                              1972-74

Studies in different Art Schools (Graphic arts, drawing, painting - especially old techniques, and sculpture) 1974-76, 1990-91

Field excavations in Greece                                 (Peloponnesus, ancient Asine 1972-73

Asine in the Argolid | Swedish Institute at Athens

Field excavations in Crete, Chania. Joint Greek-Swedish excavations 1974-1991

Athena Review, 3,3: Minoan Crete: Discoveries at Khania in Western Crete

Minoan Crete -The Minoan town of Chania/Kydonia                                                                                            



Cyprus - a Cultural Melting Pot, Stockholm 1992. Swedish only.

The Cyprus Collections in Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm 1994.

Ancient Cults in Cyprus, Stockholm 1995. Swedish only.

An Archaeological Adventure in Cyprus. The Swedish Cyprus

Expedition 1927-1931, Stockholm 1997. (Picture-book in English, Swedish and Greek)

Minoans and Mycenaeans in west Crete. The Greek-Swedish Excavations at Chaniá, Stockholm 2000.

Crete. Myths and Food in the Minoan World, Stockholm 2004. Swedish only.

Cyprus. Love, cult and war, Lund 2010. 300 pages, 100 pictures. Swedish only.

The Bearded Goddess, Androgynes, goddesses and monsters in ancient Cyprus. Armida Publications, Cyprus 2012

M.-L. Winbladh, Kıbrıs Macerası – The Cyprus Adventure – Περιπετεια στην Κυπρο  (1927 - 1931), Galeri Kültür Kitabevi, Lefkoşa 2013

Adventuring with Cyprus. A Chronicle of the Swedish Cyprus Expedition 1927 – 1931. Kibris Macerasi. Isvec Kibris  Kazilarinin Tarihcesi 1927 – 1931.

Forthcoming 2014


Articles in books


’Notes on an Etruscan Vase in Medelhavsmuseet’, ’A Selection of Some Recent Acquisitions’, Medelhavsmuseet Bulletin 9,  1974.

’A Selection of Some Recent Acquisitions’, Medelhavsmuseet Bulletin 11, 1976.

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The Greek-Swedish Excavations at Chaniá. Offprint 1978-79. Summary in English

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Winbladh M.-L., ’The Terracotta Figurines and the Stone Vases’, GSE I-IV, Greek-Swedish Excavations at the Ag. Aikaterini Square, Kastelli, Khania 1970-1987 (ActaAth-4o, 47:3), eds. E. Hallager & B.P. Hallager, Stockholm 1997-2011. (Volumes V-VII forthcoming)

’The Cyprus Collections in Medelhavsmuseet’, article in exhibition catalogue for Roumania, 2006.

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Έκθεσης της Σουηδικής Αποστολής - Κυπριακό Μουσείο Απριλίου 2007

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Art & Archaeology, Volume 21 no.1, JAN/FEB 2010

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Swedish only

The Georg von Békésy Collection, Stockholm 1974.

Women around the Mediterranean in Ancient Times, Helsingborg 1975. Swedish only.

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The Scythes and the Greeks in ancient literature and art, Stockholm 1979. Swedish only.

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’Giant mice and pygmy hippopotamoi’ in Medusa 1, 1992. Swedish only.

’5000 years ago in Cyprus’ and ’Astarte from the Orient’ in Konsttidningen 1994.

Cyprus – the island of possibilities and contrast’ in Konsttidningen 1995.

’Cyprus. Cultural History & Archaeology’, in Swedish and Greek. Makedonia 8, -95.

’The Cyprus Problem – a forgotten conflict’, in Swedish and Greek. Makedonia 9, 1995.

The Gardens of Aphrodite. An installation of a Cypriote Sanctuary. Stockholm 1995.

’Minoans and Mycenaeans. Food and drink in the Greek Bronze Age.’ In Greker i Norden, mars 2003, No 1.Swedish only.

Vulkanutbrottet på Thera (Santorini) –  näst störst i mänsklighetens historia, Forskning & Framsteg 2010


Klippiga Kreta, När & Fjärran, juni 2010

Around 35 further articles in Swedish books, periodicals and newspapers, Cypriote periodicals. All excluded here since they are in Swedish.

Translation of Alfiros Letters from Swedish to English in The Swedes in Cyprus,  Rita C. Severis, Texts and studies in the history of Cyprus, Cyprus Research Centre, 2008.


Work in the museum

From 1971 continuously working with or producing different exhibitions, some of them with Cypriote material  (see below)

Exhibition and deposition of objects from Egypt, Cyprus, Greece & Rome at the university of Umeå (a town in the North of Sweden). 1971

”Treasures from Cyprus”, archeological artefacts and icons  1971-1972      
”Cyprus - 6000 years of history”  ( a ”travelling exhibition” going around Sweden and abroad for 3 years).     1974-78                                                                                  

”The History of Woman through the Ages” (my part was the Near East, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece and Rome). Also resulted in a book. 1975

 After the Flood, an exhibition about ancient      Mesopotamia. Involved in the work with the exhibition and the guidings. 1977

Layer on layer in Chania. Exhibition about  the Greek-Swedish excavations in Crete. 1978

Cypriote exhibition in the entrance hall of the SHM (Swedish Museum of National Antiquities).                                                1978                                                          

Finally the museum could move into its own localities, where it is situated now in central Stockholm. For the first time, we got a permanent Cypriote exhibition with showcases and groups of sculpture. 1982

2000 years of Greek Pottery. Travelling exhibition.  1983                                                                     

A Greek grave stela, About the burial customs inClassical Athens. Production of a slide show with music on the same theme. 1984

The God with the double axe– Zeus in Labranda.                    1987

Participated in production & guidings.

Worked with Greek inscriptions.

New Cypriote exhibition.       1989   

Zorn (Swedish painter) and antiquity. 1991                 

Treasures of Cyprus in collaboration with the Pierides Museum in Larnaka 1992

The Garden of Aphrodite, an installation with a model of a Cypriote  open-air santuary with trees, flowers, herbs, birds(!) and guides dressed in ”ancient costumes”.    1995

An exhibition about ancient Kydonia –The Greek-Swedish Excavations at Chaniá. 2000

Prepared the scanning of the notebooks of the The Swedish Cyprus Expedition 1927-1931 in collaboration with Global Print. 


Prepared web-pages with objects on line to be linked to the homepage of the museum. Wrote texts in Swedish/English with photos of corresponding objects.


2002 & 2003.

Work with the exhibition Minoans and Mycenaeans. Food and drink in Bronze Age Greece. Revision & translation of more than 50 wallpanels. Educated the guides.

Guided tours in Cyprus.

Research and manuscript for Virtual Reality show about the palace of Vouni.


Ass. Editor of the Focus on the Mediterranean, a new periodical.

Occupied with repacking and making of a dabase of the sherd collection of the Cyprus Collection.

Writing the text in Spanish and English to 15 wall panels about the history of Cyprus (Tesoros arqueológicos de Chipre) for an exhibition in Museo Arqueológico de Alicante 2006. 


Before 2000

I have made hundreds of lectures about Cyprus, Greece and Crete (popular and scholar)

Participated in several TV-programs about Cyprus, archaeology (also in Cypriote RIK 1 in November  and December 1998).

My basic occupation since 1971 has been the responsibility for the Cypriote and Greek & Roman store-rooms, the climatic conditions in these and in the exhibitions, and also for  the conservation of all the items, including pottery, limestone, metal, glass etc. From 1971-1990 this responsibility also included the Greek-Roman collections in the Museum. From 1990 I was allowed to occupy myself only with the Cyprus Collections. Since 1971 I had to keep myself informed about different methods of conservation, especially concerning the pottery, and about  the best methods of precise recording of temperature and relative humidity.

During all these years the Cyprus Collection have been visited by hundreds of scholars from all over the world, studying different items. All these studies have resulted in dissertations, books and articles.