Adventuring with Cyprus. The Past and Present of the Swedish Cyprus Expedition (1927–1931) in 

Northern Face of Cyprus. New Studies in Cypriot Archaeology and Art History

Author: Summerer, Latife - Hazar Kaba
Publisher: Ege Yayinlari
ISBN: 9786059680066
Publication Date & Place: 2016, İstanbul

Book details

469 pp, color and b/w figures, hb, in English.


  • Mustafa Akıncı / Foreword

  • Latife Summerer / Introduction

 Archaeology - Synthetic Studies

  • Tuncel, Rıza / Cyprus in the Chalcolithic Period

  • Bartelheim, Martin / Prehistoric Metallurgy on Cyprus

  • Kozal, Ekin / Cypro-Anatolian Connections in the 2nd Millennium BC

  • Durugönül, Serra / Archaic Cypriot Statuary

  • Musso, Luisa / The Northern Face of Cyprus: The Mosaics in their Relation to Eastern Mediterranean Production

  • Bekker-Nielsen, Tønnes / The Ancient Roads of Northern Cyprus

  • Karaca, Elif / Medieval Cypriot Pottery

 Sites and Monuments

  • Kienlin, Alexander von / The Palace of Vouni: Research Set in Concrete and Outstanding Questions

  • Zavagno, Luca / Framing the Cypriot Urbanism in the Early Middle Ages: The Case of Salamis-Constantia

  • Plattner, Georg / The Amazon Sarcophagus from Soloi in Vienna

  • Sivri, Emine H. - Lâtife Summerer / A New Artemis Ephesia Statuette from Salamis

 New Excavation Results

  • Kızılduman, Bülent - Uwe Müller / Bronze Age Cyprus: New Evidence from Kral Tepesi/Vasili

  • Kaba, Hazar / Rich in Life and Death. Gold and Silver Finds from a 4th Century Tomb in Soloi

  • Öznergiz, Aliye / A Hellenistic/Roman Tomb at Paleokastro(Agia Irini/Akdeniz)

  • Şöföroğlu, Mehmet - Lâtife Summerer / Light for the Death. Lamps as Grave Offerings in Light of a New Hellenistic/Roman Tomb in Kormakiti/Koruçam

  • Zeischka-Kenzler, Annette / Of Death and Life. Funerary and Other Features of the Multi-Functional City Wall of Lambusa

Research History 

  • Winbladh, Marie-Louise / Adventuring with Cyprus. The Past and Present of the Swedish Cyprus Expedition (1927–1931)

  • Kahraman, Deniz / Fate and Perspectives of Salamis

 Art History

  • Wollesen, Jens / Aspects of Medieval Architecture on Cyprus under the Lusignans: Reality and Myth

  • Langdale, Allan / History and Hybridity in the Trapeza Church Near Famagusta/Gazimağusa

  • Walsh / Michael / ‘The Age of Ruins’: Whatever Happened to Venetian Famagusta?

  • Samani, Hasan / Social, Cultural and Religious Aspects of Ottoman Cyprus: The Nicosia Mevlevi Tekke

 Conservation, Restoration And Appreciation

  • Fehlmann, Marc / Conservation and Restoration Measures in Northern Cyprus

  • Tuncay, Ali / The Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage in Cyprus: From Conflict to Cooperation

  • Doratlı, Naciye /vRevitalization of the Northern Walled City of Nicosia: Merits and Pitfalls

  • Harmanşah, Rabia / Appropriating Common Ground? On Apostolos Andreas Monastery in Karpas Peninsula